• Product development

    We do product development research within the area of mechanical engineering, with a focus of supporting the future sustainable products and services in our society

  • Model driven development

    We're working with a model driven approach where we model, simulate and visualize entire life-cycles already in the conceptual design phase.

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  • Value Driven Design

    A shift from delivering products to giving access to use-of-product (product-service systems) is putting higher focus on the value of a design. Read about how we transform the field of Value Driven Design,

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About Research Group

The Product Development Research Laboratory is a research team at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Blekinge Institute of Technology.

Research has been carried out in this field at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) since the start. The unit is active in research, education and collaboration, and is a specialized unit with in-depth knowledge on digital product development.

Our work is focused on developing the “engineers desktop" with methods and tools to support companies to deliver innovative product concepts that support the transition to a future sustainability society.

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The ability to effectively deliver new values to the market; innovation, is a challenge on global scale for companies today. 

The research at PRDL aims at targeting early development stages of product development by use of a model based engineering approach with simulation at the core. The research is particularly oriented towards early development, and questions of how to best identify, communicate, utilize, and re-use knowledge about, for example, user needs and product usage, are of high interest together with aspects of team based innovation, value creation and engineering optimisation. Creating the ability to run simulation driven design of new sustainable solutions by using a model based approach is a key in order to support global product development.

The applied research efforts provide new work procedures, methods and tools  as well as new insights that support and enable product development improvements for our partners, while the research at the same time is disseminated in the proper academic channels to ensure quality control.

Below are our main research areas within mechanical engineering.


"Engineering the capability to deliver innovation"

Methods and tools to inspire and deliver innovation is at the core of the innovation engineering research. Supporting innovation capability, including measuring of innovation, to be deployed in corporate context.

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"Digital product development"

Industry and society is becoming more and more model driven and data and models are being shared between different stakeholders to follow-up productivity, carbon footprint, cost etc. It is clearly time utilize live data in combination with extended modelling and simulation to as early as possible in the conceptual design make informed decisions.

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"Engineering life-cycle functional solutions"

Society is rapidly developing into a function based solution society for a circular economy reasoning. We do research that support this transition from pure hardware development into hybrid product/service/software development.

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Research Partners