Monthly Archives: April 2024

Kick-down week in São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil – The international project team from this year’s Volvo CE Sugar project experienced a week of intensive collaboration at the University of São Paulo (USP). This special gathering followed a prior visit by the Brazilian team to Karlskrona, Sweden, and aimed to refine their final concept of solution for the project. The […]

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PROSUCCO – PRO SUstainable Co-COnfiguration | 2024

The PROSUCCO project focuses on supporting sustainable Co-configurability of High Value Low Volume (HVLV) products in the conceptual design phase. The HVLV industry entails complex, flexible processes encompassing consistent effort in engineering to order. The PROSUCCO project aims to support the development of HVLV products by developing innovative engineering design and systems engineering approaches to […]

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RECS – Resilience in electricity & charging systems | 2024-2025

Resilience in electricity & charging systems – challenges and opportunities with marine public transport The project will investigate possible electrical systems for a transport system with passenger ferries in urban public transport. Investigate how a marine transport system can be integrated with energy storage and the power grid, and at the same time be flexible […]

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