Modes of collaboration

There are both formal and informal modes of collaboration, one can look at different 'scale-up' models (example costs are total costs and not counting existing governmental funding). In general can be said that we try to make sure our students gets to apply their skills and competencies “in real life" by hooking them up to real problems. By doing this they get the benefit of understanding the difference in theory vs reality and also an interface towards future employment;

  • Student projects (using project time in courses, usually free, but part of course so curricula puts constraints)
  • Project courses (entire student teams in projects, 0-200 kSEK in cost, but can provide complete solution delivery)
  • Contractual research (50 ksek and up, short, detailed research or implementation project with clear goals)
  • Research projects with PhD candidate (800 kSEK/year and means a full-time PhD candidate in research, including supervision)
  • Research projects with senior researcher (1200 kSEK/year, PhD with experience in research working on research topic)
  • Research team (2000 kSEK/year and up, usually team of researchers, and team of company partners working jointly on research topics of common interest)

The research team model is the best in terms of keeping a sustainable research environment since it usually means that research partners jointly have interest in research topics that they co-fund and share results in non-competitive mode in-between. Also this creates a learning network among partners and possibility to gain understanding from other disciplines of business as well. As a university we are relying on applying for, and receiving, governmental funds for our research. Hence we write applications for research, where we need co-funding partners in this research. 

Collaboration contacts

Collaboration eco system

As university research unit we collaborate in a networked ecosystem in order to have a societal impact and to support getting our research and knowledge out. 

Here are some of our partner ventures.

Product Development Academy

The aim of the Product Development Academy in Sweden is to strengthen academic education and research within the field of Engineering Product Development in Sweden.

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Kunskapsförmedlingen (Result Center) is a meeting place for Swedish research in product realization; product development, production, post market and product support. The presented results are derived from the research conducted by Sweden’s leading research programs.

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Blue Science Park

In Blue Science Park Karlskrona, research and industry needs meet public operations in order to build excellence and harness new ideas within our focus areas of Telecom/IT, eHealth and Marine technology.

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Techtank Advanced Engineering Alliance

Techtank is a technology cluster in southern Sweden which gathers advanced industrial and technology companies, particularly the automotive industry.

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Blekinge Business Incubator

We are an incubator offering professional and committed advice in a creative and experimental environment, for those who want to start a new business or scale up a business in Blekinge. We challenge you to take the step!

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Produktion2030 is a strategic innovation programme supported by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas. The goal is to ensure that Sweden remains a competitive manufacturing nation.

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NetPort Science Park

By fostering partnerships between the business community, academia and the public sector, we create the means for sustainable economic growth and community development.

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Ocean Energy Sweden

Ocean Energy Sweden gathers the supply chain from Sweden when it comes to renewable ocean-based energy. We embody the Swedish engineering skills and creativity with the common purpose of establishing a competitive industry on a global market.

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Marine Technology Center

Marine Technology Center of Sweden enable a safe and green Europe. With a focus on offshore energy, defense and sustainable oceans, we are an ecosystem that drives innovation and growth in the field of marine technology.

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SIG PM, en nationell intressegrupp inom produktmodeller.

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10X Labs

10X Labs is a research based action-oriented think tank, based in Sweden. We are committed to finding answers to the questions and opportunities that arise from exponential technological change. Started by Professor Larsson.

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Design of Product-Service Systems SIG

A Special Interest Group (SIG) for working together to understand, model and run PSS design processes.

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