Student based startup: Seroponics

Seroponics is the startup of Anton Sterner, Marika Blad and Carl Sixtensson, alumns from BTH Mechanical Engineering. Seroponics aims to offer efficient and self-watering cultivation systems. We want to make it possible for customers to eat salad and spices without maintenance, every day, all year round. With a striving for low climate impact and which […]

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Student based startup: Hulder

Hulder is the startup of Johan Bruce, alum from BTH Mechanical Engineering, and also a previous Makerspace Ninja. Hulder is a development project in progress. It is a service that monitors and maps areas where the spruce bark beetles swarms. Hulder enables swarms to be observed in real time and allows forest owners to gain […]

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vce newport

Volvo Ocean Race event with VCE Scaled Site

Centered around the idyllic backdrop of Newport, Rhode Island, Volvo Construction Equipment (VCE) was presenting a testament to their dedication towards the advancement of the construction industry. Over two days clients, customers and employees of VCE were exposed to tangible examples of how the company is continuing to be an innovation leader.   VCE is […]

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Global Roll-out of Volvo CE Advance at Stanford University

Supporting the construction workers of both current and future construction sites has been the topic of the global product development challenge posed to seven final-year MSc students from BTH and Stanford University. In their capstone project ME310, which runs from November to June, they move through phases of needfinding, ideation, prototytping and more to arrive at a final detail designed product to display at the final exhibition, EXPE, at Stanford University.

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Research Based Company Start-up: Oxelerate

Oxelerate is a research based start-up building on research in inhaling oxygen during physical activity. High-intensity interval training is a regular part of many athletes’ training programs. Academic research demonstrates that inhaling additional oxygen during strenuous exercise will postpone lactate accumulation. In this way, the Oxelerate technology helps you push limits to reach your goals. PDRL […]

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Auralight light case

Aura Light got the prototype of the new lighting system printed the weekend before going to a fair. Today the product is on the market, very similar with the 3D printed working prototype. Sharing       

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