TRUST-SOS – TRUSTed – Site Optimisation Solutions | 2021-2024

TRUST-SOS – TRUSTed – Site Optimisation Solutions | 2021-2024

In the project we are developing digitalized services to increase the level of trusted decision making to optimise overall site systems in off-road transport applications. By developing data-driven models for real-time simulation and optimisation of customer site operations, combined with advanced data analytics, we move from the current experience-based process to a model-based process that will enable us to deliver customer value in terms of services and trusted decision support. Developed models will be tested in a realistic testbed for a final demonstration.

The project will deliver in the short – and medium term in the form of services and models for product-service applications but later also a complete simulation tool. A demonstration will be planned in a limited area with fixed boundary conditions as a first demo case to prove the methodology. The project will also enable the recruitment and examination of two licentiate theses and provide new knowledge in the areas of site and vehicle modeling and optimization of the vehicle fleet. High-quality essays in journals and conferences will be published. 

BTH project leader: Professor Tobias Larsson

Time span: 20211101 – 20240630

Funding: 18.29 MSEK (8.96 MSEK VINNOVA FFI)


  • BTH
  • Mälardalen University
  • Volvo Construction Equipment
Categories: Projects, Research