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Campus Gräsvik

We are situated at Campus Gräsvik in Karlskrona. Most of our staff have main offices on level 3 of the J building, and we have labs and workshop places in lower flor of G building.

Department management

Head of Department

Johan Wall
Assistant Professor & Head of Department

Johan Wall’s main academic interest are abilities supporting more effective decisions in product development. This is the common thread of his involvement in research as well as in engineering education. Besides this, he is a strong believer in the power of making and is heavily involved in Karlskrona Makerspace.

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Deputy Head of Department

Marco Bertoni
Associate Professor & Deputy Head of Department

Marco Bertoni's main academic interest are developing and sharing competences in Value Driven Design and Engineering Knowledge Management through research, education and collaboration.

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Head of Education

Research Director
Product Development Research Lab

Tobias Larsson
Professor & Research Director

Professor with experience and skills from applied research and projects in the intersection between academia and industry. Experience from primarily digitalized product development, and innovation engineering, within the aerospace, automotive and industrial sector but also in healthcare sector.

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Research Director
Structural Dynamics Research Lab

Sharon Kao-Walter
Professor & Research Director

Professor with focus on structural mechanics and dynamics.

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