Kick-down week in São Paulo

Kick-down week in São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil – The international project team from this year’s Volvo CE Sugar project experienced a week of intensive collaboration at the University of São Paulo (USP). This special gathering followed a prior visit by the Brazilian team to Karlskrona, Sweden, and aimed to refine their final concept of solution for the project.

The team at Volvo CE in Curitiba
Massami and Marcio shows the facilities in Volvo CE in Curitiba.

The visit was highlighted by a valuable visit to Volvo Construction Equipment in Curitiba, where the students presented their innovative work to Marcio. Simon initiated the session with an engaging overview of the proposed scenario and the envisioned solution, setting the stage for Ross, who followed with a live demonstration of the app component of their system solution. This presentation initiated a deeper discussion of the future development directions and strategies for the concluding phase of the project.

Simon presents the progress.

As part of the visit, the students also had the opportunity to visit the Uptime Center for Latin America and ask questions about what activities go on to keep the ever-growing fleet of construction machines operational all across the continent.

Simon and Ross presented and demonstrated the prototype.

A unique and practical aspect of their visit was the opportunity for the students to operate actual construction machinery at the local Volvo Customer Center. This hands-on experience was designed to give them a genuine understanding of the operators’ working environment, enhancing their perspective on how their solutions could be integrated into real-world settings.

Sowmya is operating the electric excavator.
Samer is driving the electric excavator.

After returning from the visit, the team got going to decide what the final prototype and vision would be and how to realize this in time for the final event in June.

Beyond the workshops and presentations, the team also immersed themselves in the local culture, exploring the vibrant cities of São Paulo and Curitiba. This cultural exchange was a break from their rigorous schedule and a chance to build stronger bonds and foster teamwork among the members.

We are excited about the Volvo CE Sugar project’s progress and look forward to the innovative outcomes that will emerge from this cross-continental collaboration.