Doctoral Education

About doctoral studies towards a PhD

The post-graduate education within Mechanical Engineering is planned so that the doctoral student shall gain expertise in the research subject as well as generic knowledge in the research methodology. 

The graduate education shall be of international standard. More info on doctoral  studies at the BTH site.

  • After completed licentiate degree graduation the student is expected to be prepared for doing both research and development tasks.
  • After completed PhD degree graduation the successful student should be able to independently conduct research activities in industry or academia.

General information about PhD studies in Sweden here

“PHD Handbook – a comprehensive guide for doctoral studies in Sweden” can be found here

Responsible for Mechanical Engineering research education is Professor Tobias Larsson.

Study plan for Mechanical Engineering

Study plan for PhD studies in Mechanical Engineering:

PhD courses


We collaborate nationally/internationally around PhD courses and you can find actual courses for PhD studies in either Produktion2020 or Kunskapsförmedlingen


The following courses are given for PhD candidates (also other courses given on demand):

For more information on PhD studies in Mechanical Engineering, contact Professor Tobias C. Larsson, 0455-385525,

PhD candidates taking part in national Modelling, Simulation and Optimization in the Engineering Product Development Process (March 2018 @ BTH).


You may be employed at BTH as a doctoral candidate and have salary from BTH while doing a PhD. You then also teach on up to 20% of your time. These positions are advertised on

You may also be Industrial doctoral candidate, and in that case you work in a company that pay your salary and you pay tuition for supervision etc. 

Life in academia

It is not for all to go for the PhD and “Piled Higher and Deeper" offers some insights in the lack of life in academia 😉

Massimo Panarotto (left), supervisor/dean Tobias Larsson (middle) and Mikael Johnsson (right) at BTH academic ceremony.

Massimo Panarotto (left), supervisor/dean Tobias Larsson (middle) and Mikael Johnsson (right) at BTH academic ceremony (May 2017).

Current PhD candidates

PhD's & Licentiates from BTH Mechanical Engineering

18 PhD’s and 28 Licentiates since 2001. PhD is 4 year research programme. Licentiate is a 2 year research programme. Both post MSc degree.