PROSUCCO – PRO SUstainable Co-COnfiguration | 2024

PROSUCCO – PRO SUstainable Co-COnfiguration | 2024

The PROSUCCO project focuses on supporting sustainable Co-configurability of High Value Low Volume (HVLV) products in the conceptual design phase. The HVLV industry entails complex, flexible processes encompassing consistent effort in engineering to order.

The PROSUCCO project aims to support the development of HVLV products by developing innovative engineering design and systems engineering approaches to consistently reduce the ad-hoc development and engineering-to-order activities by focusing on modular and reusable design configurations. The increased modularity in design is expected to consistently save time and resources in the conceptual design stage as well as allow a more efficient and less expensive re-configuration process along the product and system lifecycle.

The project is run in the context of cruise shipbuilding in close collaboration with Meyer Turku Shipyard, the University of Tampere, Nordic Element Oy, and Cometa Solution Oy. PDRL is responsible for creating and prototyping a multifactor optimization environment inspired by the Value Driven Design principles to support early conceptual design assessment.

BTH project leader: Associate Professor Alessandro Bertoni

Time span: 20240301 – 20241231 (first step)

Funding to BTH: 85.000 EUR (Direct funding)


  • BTH
  • Meyer Turku
  • Tampere University
  • Nordic Element Oy
  • COMETA solutions Oy

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