Conceptual Design in Informal Metalworking Microenterprises of Tanzania

Abstract Product design is a key aspect of human intelligence and creativity, attracting not onlyexperts but also people without any formal design training. Although numerous people in developingcountries design and manufacture products in metalworking microenterprises in the informal sector,there is still little knowledge about their design process. This paper aims to fill this gap in […]

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Design with and by Marginalized People in Humanitarian Makerspaces

Abstract There is a growing demand for humanitarian aid around the world as the number of displaced people has reached an unprecedented level. At the same time, the number of community-based design and fabrication makerspaces has been growing exponentially. Recently the humanitarian sector has become interested in how these spaces can help marginalized populations, including […]

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A Solution with Bluetooth Low Energy Technology to Support Oral Healthcare Decisions for improving Oral Hygiene

Abstract The advent of powered toothbrushes and associated mobile health applications provides an opportunity to collect and monitor the data, however collecting reliable and standardized data from large populations has been associated with efforts from the participants and researchers. Finding a way to collect data autonomously and without the need for cooperation imparts the potential […]

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