Tamara on women top 50 list!

Tamara Carleton is recognised in the American “Women We admire” magazine, in their Top 50 Women Leaders in Education of 2023. Tamara is a professor at the department of mechanical engineering at BTH, among other things Sharing       

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Abstract Academic institutions are increasingly required to prepare future practitioners to face complex sustainability challenges. The need to foster the development of different skills, attitudes, and multidisciplinary collaboration raised the interest in alternative learning approaches. Game-based learning can be a tool to achieve a variety of desirable learning outcomes, including sustainability and collaborative attitudes change. […]

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Soluppgång över Bergamo

Josefin och Albin på utbyte i Bergamo

Hallå där Albin och Josefin! Ni är iväg på utlandsstudier. Var befinner ni er?Jajjemän! Vi befinner oss i Bergamo i norra Italien. Bergamo ligger i regionen Lombardiet, strax utanför Milan. Vi pluggar på University of Bergamo.  Varför ville ni genomföra en utbytestermin?Främst kände vi att det hade kunnat vara en lärorik och häftig upplevelse att […]

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Net based education for Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 – NU4DI | 2021-2023

The project aligns with the BTH strategy of enlarging the recruitment base for distance studies including national and international students, capitalizing on the engineering and pedagogical competencies developed during a pluriannual research profile on Model-Driven Development and Decision Support (MD3S). In line with the BTH strategic directions, the project shall be seen as the first […]

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Design thinking approach and program outline

Shaping wicked problem solvers: innovating education programs through design thinking

Abstract: Societies across the globe are facing many unprecedented challenges; climate change, pandemics, and resource depletion, just to name a few. These societal challenges, the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, and companies’ demands about knowledge and skills required from future employees have put pressure on academia to develop suitable education programmes in many disciplines, including product […]

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Measuring Experiential Learning: An Approach Based on Lessons Learned Mapping

Abstract: Fostering ‘experiential learning’ in real-life situations is a critical task for engineering educators when creating constructively aligned learning activities. The paper proposes an approach to measure the students’ perception of learning in Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate activities conducted outside the classroom. The approach is based on the opportunity of gathering and analyzing lessons learned from the student […]

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Byggen av papper drillar blivande ingenjörer

Att skapa fungerande maskiner av wellpapp, tejp och lim kan vara en rejäl utmaning som bjuder på många lärdomar för blivande ingenjörer. Förstaårsstudenterna inom maskinteknik och industriell ekonomi fick i uppdrag att på mindre än ett dygn konstruera, bygga och testa kastmaskiner.  Dessa skulle inom givna begränsningar i material och vikt  på bästa vis klara av […]

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ABSTRACT Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISE) are a particular enterprise form permeated by a so-called ‘double business idea’. Besides the commercial imperative of providing product and services, WISE offer employment and training opportunities for individuals considered less able to compete in mainstream labour markets. The paper argues that this multiple goal structure makes WISE an […]

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Systems Engineering students innovating with Dynapac

On May 22nd the final presentation of the MT2563 Systems Engineering course took place at Dynapac (Fayat Group) headquarters in Karlskrona. 21 students from the mechanical engineering program presented the results of six systems engineering projects, focusing on the redesign of different sub-systems of Dynapac machines. This year topics focused on the re-engineering of the […]

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