PDRL at the 8th CIRP IPS2 Conference

PDRL at the 8th CIRP IPS2 Conference


The 8th CIRP IPS2 conference will kick-off this weekend with a Welcome reception at Chiostro Santa Marta, in the beautiful city of Bergamo, in Northern Italy

CIRP IPS2 is a major yearly event for PDRL. The conference gathers researchers worldwide to share theoretical and practical experiences showing that transition towards Industrial Product-Service System.

The conference this year is hosted by the University of Bergamo. Sessions and social events take place in the charming setting of Cittá Alta, the town historical center, surrounded by the medieval Venetian walls.


The 8th CIRP IPS2 spans 2 days (June 20th and 21th 2016) and features 95 papers, divided in 20 sessions. The program is backed up with plenary sessions, industrial roundtables and a visit at ABB facilities.

Prof. Tobias Larsson  will have the honor to hold the first of three keynote speeches, on the topic of “Disruptive and democratizing technologies powering the transition towards circular economy and PSS”. PDRL will further contribute to the event with 4 papers.

The first paper is a joint effort between BTH , GKN Aerospace Systems and Chalmers Institute of Technology, originating from the findings of the VITUM research project. The paper presents an approach for the multidisciplinary evaluation of alternative modular concepts in preliminary design, and applies it to an industrial case concerning the development of a module component for an aero-engine.

Alessandro Bertoni, Christoffer Levandowski, Ola Isaksson, Tobias Larsson (2016) Virtual Modeling for Lifecycle Performance Assessment in Aerospace Design Procedia CIRP, Volume 47, Pages 335-340,

Keywords: model-based design; simulation; platform-based design; value

The increasing need for urbanised areas require companies to think differently about how we go about achieving this increased urbanization. In this second paper, BTH, Volvo Construction Equipment and the Center for Design Research at Stanford University presents key topics that need to be addressed when developing sustainable Product Service Systems for the urban mining segment.

Christian Johansson, Jenny Elfsberg, Tobias C. Larsson, Martin Frank, Larry J. Leifer, Niklas Nilsson, Victor Söderberg (2016) Urban Mining as a Case for PSS. Procedia CIRP, Volume 47, Pages 460-465, ISSN 2212-8271,

Keywords: Business Model Canvas; Urban Mining; Product-Service Systems


In the Model Driven Development and Decision Support (MD3S) research profile value models are investigated to facilitate communication and collaboration in the earliest stages of the Product Service System design process. The theoretical foundations for such “boundary objects” (BO), working as communicative device across the members of the PSS cross-functional design team, are laid out in this paper from Bertoni, Panarotto and Larsson.

Marco Bertoni, Massimo Panarotto, Tobias C. Larsson (2016) Boundary objects for PSS Design. Procedia CIRP, Volume 47, Pages 329-334, ISSN 2212-8271

Keywords: Boundary objects; Product Service Systems; Engineering design; Servitization; Value model; Decision making.

A main question emerging from the above work is about measuring the effectiveness of value models as ‘boundary objects’. Panarotto, Bertoni and Bertoni describe setup, method and results from experimental activities aiming at verifying the use of value models as BO in PSS conceptual design.

Massimo Panarotto, Marco Bertoni, Alessandro Bertoni (2016) Experimenting the use of Value Models as Boundary Objects in Conceptual PSS Design Procedia CIRP, Volume 47, Pages 370-375, ISSN 2212-8271,

Keywords: protocol analysis; value model; experiment; boundary object; conceptual design.

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