PDRL at the 8th CIRP IPS2 Conference

The 8th CIRP IPS2 conference will kick-off this weekend with a Welcome reception at Chiostro Santa Marta, in the beautiful city of Bergamo, in Northern Italy CIRP IPS2 is a major yearly event for PDRL. The conference gathers researchers worldwide to share theoretical and practical experiences showing that transition towards Industrial Product-Service System. The conference this year is […]

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International Conference on Engineering Design 2015

ICED was back to Italy this summer, 34 years after it kicked off in Rome in 1981. PDRL was well represented with 6 papers, covering a range of topics under the common denominator of supporting innovation and engineering activities “in real life”. See below for more info on our contributions to ICED’15.   MODEL BASED DECISION […]

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Licentiate defense in Mechanical Engineering by Eskil Andreasson

On May 8th Eskil Andreasson, PhD Candidate, presented and successfully defended his Licentiate thesis in Mechanical Engineering. The title of the work is “Realistic Package Opening Simulations: An Experimental Mechanics and Physics Based Approach”. The Holy Grail for any designer is to be able to determine the correctness and efficiency of a design before the […]

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