Value models: coordinating artefacts for conceptual design

Abstract This paper contributes to the discussion on value models as decision support in early design. Emerging from data collected through semi-structured interviews with 20 professionals in 3 manufacturing companies, the paper highlights the limitation of current development practices to promote cross-functional knowledge sharing about the stakeholders’ lifecycle expectations to be met. This limits the […]

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PDRL at the 8th CIRP IPS2 Conference

The 8th CIRP IPS2 conference will kick-off this weekend with a Welcome reception at Chiostro Santa Marta, in the beautiful city of Bergamo, in Northern Italy CIRP IPS2 is a major yearly event for PDRL. The conference gathers researchers worldwide to share theoretical and practical experiences showing that transition towards Industrial Product-Service System. The conference this year is […]

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Boundary objects for PSS Design

ABSTRACT In PSS design, hardware and service developers often have different objectives. Lacking to communicate and negotiate them across boundaries might lead to solutions unable to generate market shares and long-term profitability. This paper aims to contribute to the definition of ‘boundary objects’ that facilitate the sharing of knowledge between members of cross-functional teams engaged […]

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