AXESS – Assessment in XR Environments for Sustainable Solutions | 2024-2027

AXESS – Assessment in XR Environments for Sustainable Solutions | 2024-2027

The industry is challenged to comply with increasingly demanding societal and customer needs. Various stakeholders must be engaged throughout the development process. Models and simulations are used to assess new solutions and optimize current ones, foresee decisions’ implications, and make them explainable within the company and with customers. However, diversity in background, knowledge, and expectations among the stakeholders, raises the risk of misunderstandings in communicating values and tradeoffs, leading customers to hesitate when adopting innovative and sustainable solutions.

Extended Reality (XR) is a promising problem solver to make the experience with solutions and visual data more accessible. The offer of new dedicated tools targeting the industry is increasing, leading to the rise of the industrial metaverse, an industrial digital twin environment. However, a knowledge gap in the industry and academia hinders this transformation. AXESS will make XR tools more accessible for the industry by providing experience with their use and development and exploring different case studies across diverse businesses.

The project will deliver XR tools for customer needs and solutions assessment, including their testing and validation. Knowledge transfer and exchange among the academic and industrial partners will facilitate this process, preparing employees and stakeholders for rapid integration of XR in the companies’ practices and operations in the future years.

BTH project leader: Postdoc Giulia Wally Scurati

Time span: 20240501-20270430

Funding to BTH: 8.77 MSEK (4.32 MSEK VINNOVA Advanced and innovative digitalization programme)


  • BTH
  • GKN Aerospace
  • NKT Cables
  • Volvo Construction Equipment

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