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Programme: Mechanical Engineering

Course: Project in MT2573 : Transformative PSS Innovation

Corporate partner: Resist EU research project, Region Blekinge

Challenge: Educate and inform people about climate change in a festival setting.

Solution: Relaying a message that no one wants to hear about is difficult. During a festival the people attendings main goal is to have fun and enjoy the atmosphere presented by the festival. The solution circumvents this by relaying the wanted information via a game that the users can compete amongst themselves in. The game is the main focus upon which they automatically take part of the information. The design of the tent the game is placed in helps attracting people by making them curious and feel at ease. The design is that of a typical souther swedish red barn which many can view as nostalgic and is not something that is common to see at a festival.

Impact: The game aims to change the shopping habits of people by highlighting how they can do it better through the game. As an example taking the bicycle to the store and purchasing locally produced products. The wanted impact in the long run is for people to reduce their carbon footprint by making concious decions that they make on a regular basis and highlight how easy it can be.


  • Digital prototype to test effectiveness of curiosity: powerpoint with well-known landmarks of Karlskrona covered by trash. Candy as reward
    • instruction help drawing people in, act of guessing was main draw in point, people in group were more likely to approach, easier for some people to come if there are already people there
  • Whiteboard drawing: asking people to write a word related to prompt (droughts and floods); powerpoint showing information (picture, small text and big text)
    • most effective when asked if testers wanted candy, most words connected to a doomsday scenario, screen were most effective when showing pictures or few lines of information, Swedes were most comfortable writing in Swedish not English
  • Laminated map of the world and of one region for people to draw, to test two games, solution on a transparent sheet to put on answers
    • questions about reward, people alone and in group were interested, some recognize the apple: find one less recognizable, clear instructions needed
  • Miniature mockup depicting the wanted design for the final solution. Made to look like a red barn with displays present for the user to interact with.

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Project team:

  • Léa MARILLIER – Erasmus student autumn 2023
  • Evelina PERSSON – Industrial economics and magangement
  • Sven ODIN – Mechanical engineering
  • Ruben ALTHINI – Mechanical engineering
  • Gustav ÅSARD – Mechanical engineering

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