CrewAware Pro

CrewAware Pro

Aware Together, Safe Forever!

Programme: Mechanical Engineering

Course: Project in MT2573 : Transformative PSS Innovation

Corporate partner: Volvo Construction Equipment

Challenge: The challenge was to address a problem on construction sites which, after analysis, was deemed relevant to address using portable technology as one of the requirements and with the aim of creating a safer and more secure work environment.

Solution: Operators lack of awareness of their surroundings as a result of machinery´s blind spots has proven to have devastating consequences. The lack of awareness has contributed to accidents and the fact is that lost control over vehicles including overruns, is the most common cause of fatal accidents at workplaces in Sweden between 2011 and 2020. To prevent this type of accidents, CrewAware Pro was created with the aim of increasing operators awareness of unprotected workers in the environment around the machine. The solution is a scanner system that is mounted on any machine and searches for receivers within a preset radius. The receivers are worn by unprotected workers and if a foreign worker enters the machine´s working zone, the operator is warned with a sound and vibration signal.

Impact: By increasing the awareness of machine operators about their surroundings, safer working conditions are created on construction sites. Unprotected workers are not faced with the same uncertainty where they need to worry about whether the machine operator has observed them or not, for example when passing by. The effect takes the social sustainability aspects into account and promotes health and well-being for everyone on the construction site.

Prototypes: We coded ESP32 boards to create a scanner-system with Bluetooth. The final prototype consists of three modules, one working as a scanner for the other two devices. The scanner module consists of an ESP32 module, a buzzer and a LED as well as a screen and the other two consists of only an ESP32. We 3D printed cases to the boards and the screen as those parts must be protected to be functional in a rough working environment. Although the case can’t be too thick as it risks blocking the signals.

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Project team:

  • Fredrik Mezek, MSC in Industrial Economy, class of 2024
  • Emil Larsson, MSC in Mechanical Engineering, class of 2024
  • Christian Elzouabi, MSC in Mechanical Engineering, class of 2024
  • Samuel Nilsson, MSC in Mechanical Engineering, class of 2024

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