RECS – Resilience in electricity & charging systems | 2024-2025

RECS – Resilience in electricity & charging systems | 2024-2025

Resilience in electricity & charging systems – challenges and opportunities with marine public transport

The project will investigate possible electrical systems for a transport system with passenger ferries in urban public transport. Investigate how a marine transport system can be integrated with energy storage and the power grid, and at the same time be flexible to withstand disturbances. This includes energy efficiency, resilience, charging and land infrastructure. The goal is to increase knowledge about system limitations, requirements for the transport system and the electricity infrastructure in order to maintain transport capacity in the event of disturbances. As well as requirements for flexibility in the transport system to function under different infrastructure conditions.

BTH project leader: Professor Tobias Larsson

Time span: 20240401 – 20250331

Funding: 2.74 MSEK (2.17 MSEK Energimyndigheten)


  • BTH
  • Cstrider AB
  • Affärverken i Karlskrona AB (affärsområde Skärgårdstrafiken och Affärverken Elnät i Karlskrona AB)
  • Actrify AB
  • Blue World Technologies ApS

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