PREDICT | 2020-

PREDICT | 2020-

The purpose of PREDICT is to achieve increased accuracy in failure predictions by developing advanced material models, calibration techniques and effective finite element simulations, which can enable unambiguous and reliable formability predictions. Specially, simulation failure predictions of phenomena such as non-linear strain paths, effect of strain rate, anisotropy and presence of edge cracks will be studied. Failure experiments will be performed, and characterization techniques will be developed to generate advanced FE-models that can easily be integrated to industry practice. Finally, FE- simulation driven metamodels based on AI will be developed to predict formability based on supplier data to make process adjustments for failure prevention. This will be an important step towards Industry 4.0 for the partners.

High prediction accuracy of FE-models will reduce rework loops on the forming surfaces of die and tools. This will prevent component failure, need for additional rework as well as fast-track the introduction of new lightweight materials to minimize environmental impact.

PREDICT gathers key competence from Swedish industry, research actors within manufacturing processes and FE-modelling, and leading experts in sheet metal forming.

BTH project leader: Md Shafiqul Islam

Time span: 20201101-20231231

Funding: 13 264 800 SEK (6 498 000 SEK VINNOVA, rest co-funding by partners)


  • BTH
  • Alfa Laval
  • Scania CV
  • Volvo Cars
  • Volvo Trucks

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