An IPA based method for PSS design concept assessment

An IPA based method for PSS design concept assessment


Literature and field study research highlight that transiting toward PSS means for many companies to either miss interesting business opportunities or to bet on the wrong solution concept. Early stage assessment activities play a crucial role in this respect, guiding the selection of a value-adding PSS while preventing commitment of resources on poor design alternatives. Emerging from empirical studies in the manufacturing industry, the paper highlights the need for systematic procedures, tools and metrics able to encompass customer satisfaction together with the producer’s value perspective in such assessment. The paper proposes a 2 step assessment method based on the Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) matrix enabling the integration of customer and provider value and supporting early stage PSS design decision making. Verification activities highlight the positive implications of balancing the trade-off between customer and provider value during the PSS assessment phase.


Product-Service System, Early design, Concept Assessment, IPA, TOPSIS, Pugh Matrix


Rondini, A., M. Bertoni, G. Pezzotta, (2017) An IPA based method for PSS design concept assessment, Procedia CIRP / [ed] McAloone, TC; Pigosso, DCA; Mortensen, NH; Shimomura, Y, Elsevier, 2017, Vol. 64, p. 277-282


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