A systematic review of value metrics for PSS design

A systematic review of value metrics for PSS design


The notion of ‘value’ has become pivotal in the PSS domain, with a plethora of ‘indicators’, ‘drivers’ and ‘measurements’ proposed to guide the assessment of PSS concepts across the design process. This paper presents the results of a systematic literature review that maps existing contributions dealing with metrics for PSS value in early design. The findings reveal the lack of a common taxonomy to define what PSS value is, as well as differences in terms of granularity of the applied metrics, which span from very generic to highly case-study specific. This mapping aims at validating a proposed classification framework for such metrics, which balances customer and provider value perspectives in early stage PSS concept assessment activities. Its goal is to raise the cross-functional design team awareness on the multiple value types impacted by early stage design decisions when working with MADM matrixes; hence to highlight opportunities for improvement, recombination and refinement. 


PSS value; classification framework; customer value; provider value; assessment criteria; assessment factors


Bertoni, M., A. Rondini, G. Pezzotta, (2017), A systematic review of value metrics for PSS design, Procedia CIRP, 2017, Vol. 64, p. 289-294



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