Congratulations Raj Jiten Machchhar, Licentiate in Mechanical Engineering!

Raj Jiten Machchhar presented his licentiate thesis entitled “Towards Changeability Quantification for Product-Service Systems Design” in front of an hybrid audience of online listeners and physically present people. Raj made a popular presentation of the WHY and HOW of his research and took the audience through his findings so far (thesis consists of a summary […]

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At the origins of Product Service Systems: Supporting the concept assessment with the Engineering Value Assessment method

ABSTRACT In recent years, the economic circumstances spur many companies inchanging their traditional product-oriented value proposition toward a more customisedand sustainable offer referredas Product-Service Systems(PSS). The main advantages of the new solutions are related to their customisationwhich cangrant an improved customer experience. However, while pursuing greater differentiation from competitors and ‘locking-in’ customers and ‘locking-out’ competitors, […]

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An IPA based method for PSS design concept assessment

ABSTRACT Literature and field study research highlight that transiting toward PSS means for many companies to either miss interesting business opportunities or to bet on the wrong solution concept. Early stage assessment activities play a crucial role in this respect, guiding the selection of a value-adding PSS while preventing commitment of resources on poor design […]

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