At the origins of Product Service Systems: Supporting the concept assessment with the Engineering Value Assessment method

ABSTRACT In recent years, the economic circumstances spur many companies inchanging their traditional product-oriented value proposition toward a more customisedand sustainable offer referredas Product-Service Systems(PSS). The main advantages of the new solutions are related to their customisationwhich cangrant an improved customer experience. However, while pursuing greater differentiation from competitors and ‘locking-in’ customers and ‘locking-out’ competitors, […]

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A systematic review of value metrics for PSS design

ABSTRACT The notion of ‘value’ has become pivotal in the PSS domain, with a plethora of ‘indicators’, ‘drivers’ and ‘measurements’ proposed to guide the assessment of PSS concepts across the design process. This paper presents the results of a systematic literature review that maps existing contributions dealing with metrics for PSS value in early design. […]

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