BTH-forskare i Kina för att diskutera hållbar produktion

En delegation bestående av forskare från bland annat BTH, Lunds universitet, Swerea IVF, Tetra Pak och Volvo Cars har diskuterat hållbar materialformning och dess tillämpningar inom bil- och förpackningsindustrin vid ett veckolångt besök i Kina. Symposiet arrangerades av BTH, Shanghai Polytechnic University och Kunming University of Science and Technology.

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Modeling and Study of Fracture and Delamination in a Packaging Laminate

ABSTRACT In this work, a packaging laminate consisting of LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), Al-foil (Aluminum foil) is focused, and failure due to necking in substrates and interfacial delamination under loading are considered. A coupled elasto-plasticity damage and fracture constitutive model is combined. The proposed constitutive model is incorporated into the FEM code ABAQUS and utilized […]

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Study of Shear Dominant Delamination in Thin Brittle-High Ductile Interface

ABSTRACT Thin laminates of Aluminum (Al) foil and Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) film are essential constituents of food packages where these two substrates are bonded together with a thin layer of LDPE acting as adhesive. Noticeably, Al is a low ductile/quasi brittle material, whereas LDPE is highly ductile. The mechanism of delamination and strength of […]

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Powerful Modelling Techniques in ABAQUS to Simulate Failure of Laminated composites

ABSTRACT In this study, laminated composites consisting of LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), Al-foil (Aluminum foil)and an adhesive interface layer is focused. The defects like necking in LDPE, Al-foil layer and interfacial delamination can significantly impact the loading capacity of the laminated material. However, the influence mechanisms of the defects are still unclear, and no appropriate […]

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Presentations in “Applied Solid Mechanics”

On March 3rd 2016, six teams of mechanical engineering students presented their projects within the course “Applied Solid Mechanics”. In this course, students have learned how to find appropriate dimensions and loading of constructions that are affected by fatigue stresses or are joined by welds, and also how to choose safety values by considering the […]

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Professor Chuanri LI

Upcoming Seminar February 23

Tuesday February 23 9.15 to 12, there will be a seminar in room J1280 at BTH campus Gräsvik. The seminar is arranged by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at BTH.

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