Strategic Research Agenda: Blue Energy | 2012-2013

Strategic Research Agenda: Blue Energy | 2012-2013

Blue Energy – Project Description for the development of strategic research and innovation agenda in marine energy.

Blå Energi, en strategisk Innovationsagenda för Marin Energi.


Ocean energy is an area with great potential to create benefits for the environment and climate, together with jobs and sustainable growth. Sweden has a unique opportunity to become a leader in this growing industry of the future. In order to succeed, besides political action in the form of long-term rules, increased collaboration between industry, research institutes, academia and the public sector is needed. A strategic research and innovation agenda that brings together a broad group of stakeholders behind shared goals would greatly contribute to the development of the industry. It would also allow research and development synergies between technologies in various stages of development, such as wave and tidal power and ground fixed and floating offshore wind power, thereby creating the conditions for innovations. Chalmers, along with a broad initial cluster, therefore applying for funding to implement a project to develop a comprehensive national research and innovation agenda for marine energy. The project will be implemented on the basis of an open and inclusive process in which all stakeholders are given the opportunity to contribute to and influence the final outcome.


Ocean Energy Sweden is a business network consisting of Swedish companies developing products and systems in the area of ocean energy, together with suppliers, universities, research institutions, test centres and others.

Final report: Blå energi – en strategisk innovationsagenda för marin energi

Project info

BTH project leader: Professor Tobias

Time span: 2012-2013

Budget: 1 MSEK (50% VINNOVA, 50% Partner companies)


  • Minesto AB
  • Ocean Harvesting AB
  • Vigor Wave Energy AB
  • Waves4Power AB
  • SeaTwirl AB
  • Marin Biogas AB
  • Hexicon AB
  • Navigationsteknik AB
  • Pöyry Swedpower AB
  • KanEnergi Sweden AB
  • DNV Kema Energy & Sustainability AB
  • IMCG
  • SP
  • Blekinge Institute of Technology
  • Chalmers
  • Ocean Energy Sweden 
  • Svenskt Vinkraftstekniskt Centrum
  • Västra Götalandsregionen


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