How not Tolouse

How not Tolouse

Increase attendance for Blekinge Museum

Programme: M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (including Erasmus exchange) and M.Sc. Industrial Management and Engineering

Course: MT2569

Corporate partner: Blekinge Museum

Challenge: The challenge was to find new ways to increase value and get more attendance to Museum.

Solution: We came up with 2 solutions, one was to create a VR-Experince, by having this activity the museum will attract a broader audience and have it as a team-building exercise for example companies. The other solution was to create a restaurant with local food and beverages.

Impact: More revenue for the Museum, higher attendees rate and broader age range.

Prototypes: Rollplay simulation of the VR-experince

Quotes from sponsor/partner:

Project team:

  • Dambielle Julian (Erasmus)
  • Hallberg Kevin (IEACi17)
  • Sandström Kevin (IEACI17)
  • Seiholm Enzo (IEACI17)