Extreme PSS Innovation

Extreme PSS Innovation

Extreme PSS Innovation is a project course at Blekinge Institute of Technology where students  develop radical (extreme) innovative product and service solutions. The idea is to prepare the students for their work life in product-/service development.

With project supplied by industrial companies, consisting of real needs for future innovation opportunities, students go about gathering and analysing user needs to develop creative solutions for the partner companies. Starting out with a challenge supplied by a partner company, students work in teams of 5-6 people, from challenge to a completed prototype.

Extreme PSS Innovation 2017.

About Extreme PSS Innovation

Extreme PSS Innovation denotes an innovative solution that considers a combination of both product- and service components that addresses a problem the company’s users has. The term Product-Service System (PSS) highlights that the solution is a combination of a product and a service offering to address the users’ needs in a deeper sense. With focus on both service and product components, the idea is to take a more holistic view of the situation and to devise the combination that best serves the users. The focus on Extreme Innovation also signals that the students should thrive in being “outsiders” from the company’s internal processes and thereby take a longer leap into an unknown and provide value to the company by proposing more challenging solutions.

Design Thinking process phases.

The students work according to a Design Thinking process, where students approach innovation engineering with a basis in end-user needs. Much emphasis in the process is put on creative ideation and prototyping to iteratively work out the final solution in shorter loops.

Design Thinking criteria.

Important criteria for students relates to solutions being feasible, desirable, and viable, meaning that they need to be able to develop something that can be engineered, while both being attractive and useful to users and making financial sense.

The collaborative projects are beneficial for both students and companies: 

  • The students have the chance to apply their engineering skills to develop real solutions in a situation that realistic schedule and cost constraints.
  • They further get a unique insight into both current and future ways of working and collaborating on innovative product / service development.
  • Industrial companies have access to innovative approaches and methods, performed by well-trained students (and coaches) who are not influenced by traditional patterns to problem solving.

Previous projects

Follow the links below for examples of previous project results.

  • 2016/17: Fishing weights, Asphalt rollers, Healthcare-associated infections, Construction site solutions, Future digital workplace, Internet of Humans (IoH)
  • 2015/16: Fishing, Asphalt Rollers, Aero Engine Services, and Elderly loneliness
  • 2014/15: Urban Mining, Quantified Self, and Aero Engine Marketing Strategy.
  • 2013/14: High Voltage Cables, Urban Mining, and Keyless Rollers.
  • 2012/13: Creative Working Environments, …
  • 2011/12: Medtech and Construction Equipment.

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