Digitalisering och smart industri temat för Smart Start Graduate Trainee-programmets besök

Smart Start Graduate Trainee-programmet besökte BTH den 14 september för en heldag på temat digitalisering och smart industri. Deltagarna från Roxtec, Region Kalmar, Profilgruppen och Kalmar Energi fick en inblick i den pågående industriella transformationen och hur BTH:s verksamhet inom mjukvaruutveckling och produktutveckling bidrar till att möta globala samhällsutmaningar.

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Listening to Current Practice: Patient Involvement in the Pharmaceutical Packaging Design Process

Abstract Multiple functional challenges in the use of pharmaceutical packaging reveal a great need of packaging to be designed inclusively. This study investigates patient involvement in the pharmaceutical packaging design process by analysing interview data from representatives of the pharmaceutical and packaging industry. Four main themes related to patient involvement were uncovered: patient expertise levels, […]

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Realization of Agile Methods in Established Processes: Challenges and Barriers

Abstract This paper presents an explorative study and the results of 17 interviews with informants from different companies. Its purpose is to identify the challenges associated with implementing agile methods along with the established procedures for early design. The study exemplifies project leaders’ experiences and implementation efforts. As leaders of design projects, they have proposed […]

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