SUCCCE – Smart use of communication in complex care environments

SUCCCE – Smart use of communication in complex care environments

Accelerating the SUCCCE project

The SUCCCE product consists of both hardware and software, and is operated by physical input and/or handsfree by voice. It is an innovation for alarm management and decision support for health care professionals. Medical information, such as patent vital signs, are presented on a heads-up display in the users field of view. The advanced data filtering in SUCCCE makes sure that alarms and information are received by staff with matching responsibilities.

By using smart glasses with a heads-up display that is handsfree and intuitively operated, and two-way communication (voice, pictures and film), health care professionals get access to medical information to support both their decision making process, and alarm management.

The concept is based on needs from clinical praxis within complex care environments. Region Blekinge and Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset were involved in the developing process. Further testing and concept development, to meet health care professionals needs, is in progress.

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Research Scholarship for Smart Glasses
20191205: Researcher Charlotte Romare recently received a scholarship for her research project “smart glasses”. With the help of these special glasses, healthcare staff can directly see a patient’s different values, which facilitates both monitoring and treatment decisions.
Healthcare professionals’ views of smart glasses in intensive care
20180418: The aim of this study was to describe healthcare professionals’ views of smart glasses before their implementation in an intensive care unit, both regarding quality of use of the glasses and to identify possible intensive care situations where the glasses could be used to increase patient safety.


Current accelerator challenge

  • Further development of software
  • Further development of technology
  • Further development of HCI


  • Nicon – Nordic Industry Consulting AB