Value Innovation projects 2016

Value Innovation projects 2016

How many types of innovation are there? One can argue that innovation is incremental, radical or disruptive, and that many other models are proposed. But when it comes down to ‘real life’ action, how do companies innovate to create value for their customers? MT2536 Value Innovation is a course in the Master Programme that every year gives students the opportunity to experience the multifaceted nature of product/service innovation in development projects conducted in collaboration with company partners.


This years’ course featured projects in different domains, ranging from the development of health care technologies to boat cleaning. All projects kick-off from the 10 types of Innovation model proposed by Keeley, and are conducted following a BTH developed innovation process that is inspired by the Stanford’s Design Thinking Methodology and by previous work in our team via the “4I4I : four i:s for innovation” book.

For the first time this year, students had the opportunity to exercise their methods and tools in close collaboration with several social enterprises in the region. This activity is part of a larger European project named ‘Social Inkludering och Tillväxt i Blekinge’ coordinated by Coompanion Blekinge. You can read more about the project at this link.


Team Cybercom: Agathe Boucher, Amis Raman Afshinfar, Jacob Reimer, Mohammad Sadegh Sajedi and Karthik Battula worked with the development of the MOVEREX app, an innovative solution for motivating people in being physically active.

Team Rätt Udda: Ahmed Abouzur, Rawand Fredriksson and Hoel Chaine explored how to expand the company’s operations in the textile retail market in Blekinge.

Team Coompanion: Natalia Baraslievska, Johanna Persson, Philip Axelsson and Fatmir Kosovari proposed solutions to get cooperative entrepreneurship more known and recognized among youngsters.

Team Resurs i Blekinge: Alexander Elcic, Emelie Hagelborg, Louise Karlsson, Prosha Maaruf and Ellen Ottoson helped the company in developing subscription packages for caretaking services, such as house cleaning, gardening and snow removal.

Team Rent Under: Jonas Barsing, Carl-Philp Bertilsson, Ale el Ghazzi, Philip Larenhjelm and Christian Remle developed innovative solutions for boat cleaning to help the company in reaching and better engaging its customers.

Team Blekinge Natur och Kulturvård: Erik Engblom, Filip Johansson, Jonas Koskinen and Viktor Rehn helped the organization in designing innovative education and training activities for their different target groups.

Team Papiliona: Simon Hellgren, Alexander Jangenäs, Emil Petterson, Viktor Petterson and Hassan were challenged with the design a value-adding customer experience for Papilionas EKO Trädgårds Verkstad.

For more information on the projects and course, contact Associate Professor Marco Bertoni,