LARM system

LARM system

At home monitoring system

Programme: Maskinteknik, class of 2019. Industriell ekonomi, class of 2019

Course: MT2556

Corporate partner: Landstinget Blekinge

Challenge: To help creative innovative solutions for Landstinget Blekinge for patients to get at home healthcare / solutions for mobile teams.

Solution:Sensors that collect data from the user and communicate to the user via an app. The data is also sent to a monitoring central at the hospital that evaluates the results.

Impact: By removing the patients from the hospital to their home, there is more space cleared up at the hospital for the patients who are more in emergency conditions instead. The patients that stay from home, get to feel “less sick" due to the fact that they get to stay home.

Prototypes: We made several prototypes. An application that is meant for the user to showcase their values and give them tips and suggestions on how to better their values. This was created with Adobe XD. A sensor bracelet that measures the heart pulse and sends the data to a monitoring system. This was created with Raspberry Pi.

Adobe XD flow demo:

Quotes from sponsor/partner: Landstinget has no choice but to change their ways of working if they are to offer healthcare in the future for the citizens of Blekinge. We have yet to get a response from Landstinget Blekinge after our presentation as they had to leave right before the expo. However, from all the meetings we have had, showing our concepts and prototypes they have responded positively.

Project team:

  • Johan Bruce, Civilingenjör inom Maskinteknik, class of 2019
  • Natalie Kauppi, Civilingenjör inom Maskinteknik, class of 2019
  • Taha El Yassir, Civilingenjör inom Industriell ekonomi, class of 2019
  • Sheida G. Balovi, Civilingenjör inom Industriell ekonomi, class of 2019