Simulation-driven design, Projects 2017

Simulation-driven design, Projects 2017

Modelling and simulation is today a natural part of engineering design in businesses of all types and sizes. However, transition from simulation as primary a tool for verifying solutions that are already decided upon towards use of simulation to stimulate creation of new concepts and provide guidance towards more optimized designs, especially in early development stages is a crucial although difficult one. The latter is referred to as simulation-driven design and is taught in the course “MT2549 Simulation-driven design” at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola. The purpose of the course is to give students knowledge to understand, as well as ability to implement and use, theories and methods for simulation support in product development.

The course includes the following main parts:
• Simulation-driven design
• Introduction to optimization and its use in product development.
• Simulation process automation: Setup and execute chained simulation process flows containing several different software packages.
• Methods for structured and efficient design space exploration using mathematical models.

As part of the course examination students are expected to do a final project performing a design study on a product/system including design space exploration and optimization. The slideshow below presents some of this years projects.


For more information about the course simulation-driven design contact course responsible Dr Johan Wall,

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