Simulation-Driven Design Approach for Design and Optimization of Blankholder

Simulation-Driven Design Approach for Design and Optimization of Blankholder


Reliable design of stamping dies is desired for efficient and safe production. The design of stamping dies are today mostly based on casting feasibility, although it can also be based on criteria for fatigue, stiffness, safety, economy. Current work presents an approach that is built on Simulation Driven Design, enabling Design Optimization to address this issue. A structural finite element model of a stamping die, used to produce doors for Volvo V70/S80 car models, is studied. This die had developed cracks during its usage. To understand the behavior of stress distribution in the stamping die, structural analysis of the die is conducted and critical regions with high stresses are identified. The results from structural FE-models are compared with analytical calculations pertaining to fatigue properties of the material. To arrive at an optimum design with increased stiffness and lifetime, topology and free-shape optimization are performed. In the optimization routine, identified critical regions of the die are set as design variables. Other optimization variables are set to maintain manufacturability of the resultant stamping die. Thereafter a CAD model is built based on geometrical results from topology and free-shape optimizations. Then the CAD model is subjected to structural analysis to visualize the new stress distribution. This process is iterated until a satisfactory result is obtained. The final results show reduction in stress levels by 70% with a more homogeneous distribution. Even though mass of the die is increased by 17 %, overall, a stiffer die with better lifetime is obtained. Finally, by reflecting on the entire process, a coordinated approach to handle such situations efficiently is presented.


Simulation-driven design; Optimization; Sheet metal forming; Finite element analysis (FEA); Stamping die; Integrated blankholder


Tatipala.S., N.R.Suddapalli, J.Pilthammar, M.Sigvant, C.Johansson (2017), Simulation-Driven Design Approach for Design and Optimization of Blankholder, 36th IDDRG Conference on ‘Materials Modelling and Testing for Sheet Metal Forming’, 2017.



The paper is published in Conference proceedings: Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS) under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.


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