ME310 2023 kicking off

ME310 2023 kicking off

BTH is back again this year, joining forces with Stanford Mechanical Engineering and the Volvo Group for a final-year ME310 student project where we explore innovation opportunities within transportation and construction. 

This year three Volvo entities, Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Trucks, and Volvo Innovation Lab, have teamed up and challenged the students to focus on bio-inspired solutions as ways of finding radically new ways of improving solutions for their customers.

This year’s prompt is:

”How might we use Biomimicry in order to design solutions and systems that disrupt traditional solutions thinking in the construction and transportation industries?”

Although the project started already in October and needfinding has been ongoing for some time, this week, the Swedish and American teams will team up to kick the project into high gear by making their first Dark Horse prototype. 

Beyond that, they will also spend ample time getting to know each other and building a solid team that will keep working distributed from their home campuses through the winter and spring.