IDEA challenge – PhD Hackathon 2022

IDEA challenge – PhD Hackathon 2022

Three of our PhD students participated in the second running of the IDEA challenge – PhD Hackathon 2022. It is an event where groups of PhD students from several universities compete in a 4-day engineering design challenge. This year gathered teams from BTH, University of Bristol, NTNU of Trondheim, Aalto University, and University of Zagreb.


The process emphasized rapid prototyping and collaboration, further fostering an environment where those in research get an opportunity to put skills to the test in an applied setting.

The prototype being tested – Ryan Ruvald (left), Raj Machchhar (center), and Omsri Aeddula (right)

Description of the challenge: Climate change is making the wettest days wetter. With more extreme weather comes potential energy that we want to harvest. Having this in our minds, the objective is to design a small-scale hydropower generator for charging a phone. The deliverables shall be a physical prototype for testing supported by digital prototypes (such as CAD, renders, and simulations)

Time frame: 25-28th April 2022

After 4 days of intense work, re-work, and finally demonstration NTNU came out as winners with BTH as third.

Total score. BTH with good score in physical performance of the prototype.

Do you wish to know more about the work? Please feel free to contact Ryan, Raj, or Omsri.

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