IDEA challenge – PhD Hackathon 2022

Three of our PhD students participated in the second running of the IDEA challenge – PhD Hackathon 2022. It is an event where groups of PhD students from several universities compete in a 4-day engineering design challenge. This year gathered teams from BTH, University of Bristol, NTNU of Trondheim, Aalto University, and University of Zagreb. […]

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Resource-Limited Societies, Integrated Design Solutions, and Stakeholder Input

Abstract Poverty is a multidimensional issue, characterized by deprivations and constraints at the individual, institutional, economic, and technological level. To satisfy the unmet or underserved needs of people living in poverty, the relevant constraints in the target context must be addressed via integrated design solutions. Although previous studies in this field show that designing integrated […]

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Design and Frugal Innovations: Three roles of resource-poor people

ABSTRACT Design is imperative to satisfy needs of people in resource-limited societies. Many design studies have been carried out in the context of such societies in developing countries, and are discussed under names such as humanitarian engineering, frugal innovations, appropriate technology, design at the Base of the Pyramid, design for development, etc. In this paper, […]

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