Providing seniors the independence they deserve

Programme: MSC in Mechanical Engineering


Corporate partner: Blue Science Park

Challenge: Identify a problem within the elderly care and develop a user-centered solution that assists in making the elderly less reliant on the home service and elderly care

Solution: To relieve the elderly care, so that they can focus on other urgent matters instead of helping someone to stand up, which happens from time to time. We want to cure the disease of the user rather than only healing the wound. We want to meet the future requirements that caretaking authorities will face, with an increasing elderly population. Finally, we want to improve the physical state of seniors by launching the tool. A long-term benefit is that we can prevent seniors from falling, from using the tool and regaining some muscular strength. If seniors fall, they need to call the home service in most cases. 

Link to website: https://allaboutkng.wixsite.com/website

Impact: This solution assists elderly people with standing up from a sitting position, such as chairs, sofas, and even the bed. Its aim is to decrease the amount of efforts required from the municipality, while at the same time increasing the independence of seniors by allowing them to stand up if they want to move from one place to another. The solution enables elderly to act independently without having to call the home service for such a ”simple” task as standing up. 

Prototypes: After all the needfinding and when we had decided which area to focus on, we decided that we want to develop a tool where it helps the user to get up from a sitting position. We came up with the first idea during a design sprint week. After considering many alternatives and specific target groups, we started pretotyping by sketching with pen and paper. We built different prototypes which were tested by the target group. Different designs were tested with different types of engines. In order for the work to get the most out of the project, we made several pretotypes and prototypes. All prototypes have been developed after tests and have adapted to the feedback given by users. Different methods of construction have been tried. we improved our knowledge in different areas. such as CAD, Nastran, simulation, workshop work, theory calculation and how it differs in practice, efficiency and theory. 

Project team: Kian Persson, MSC in Mechanical Engineering, last year (2017 – 2022) Axel Heyman, MSC in Mechanical Engineering, last year (2017 – 2022) Maher Daher, MSC in Mechanical Engineering, last year (2016 – 2022)