Congratulations on the “docent” Mats Sigvant!

Congratulations on the “docent” Mats Sigvant!

Monday afternoon Mats Sigvant (PhD, Technology Development, Volvo Cars and Adjunct Lecturer at Mechanical Engineering, BTH) held is trial lecture for appointment as Docent at BTH (Associate Professor).

The title of the trial lecture was “Sheet Metal Forming Simulation: essential for the automotive industry and also an interesting academic challenge”.

Some 50 people followed the lecture in the auditorium and via online link. After the event Dean Göran Broman of the Engineering Faculty awarded Mats Sigvant with the Docent title.

Congratulations Mats!

Mats Sigvant in lecture mode.


The automotive industry is transforming at a very high rate currently. The main driving forces are demands for more sustainable products and production together with a circular economy. This forces more or less all brands in the direction of electrification of the vehicles. Electrification then opens up the market for new players which increases the competition on the market.

Each brand must therefore focus even more on reduced cost and lead time for the development of new products in order to remain competitive. The industry must also be able to use new types of materials with less carbon footprint and more recycled content. This forces the industry to perform different types of simulations, e.g. Finite Element Simulation of the Sheet Metal Forming Process of car body parts. The gains of these simulations from an industrial perspective will be described and these effects will then be the motivation for research and advanced engineering within this field. After that are academic challenges discussed and several examples will be presented of the effects on the results from different modelling approaches. Finally, a future vison of the application of Sheet Metal Forming in the automotive industry will be presented.

Biography of Mats Sigvant

Mats Sigvant started at Volvo Cars in 1995 and has performed different types of Finite Element simulations of sheet metal forming processes since then. He has a PhD in Computational Mechanics from Chalmers, received in 2004. Since 2021 he holds the position as Technical Leader in the area of Sheet Metal Forming Simulations at Volvo Cars. He has also since 2015 been an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering at BTH. His research interests are testing and modelling of both sheet materials elastic-plastic properties and tribology systems, prediction of failure and model driven production.

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