Big thinking in Blekinge: How do you build a Moonshot?

Big thinking in Blekinge: How do you build a Moonshot?

To celebrate the fact that the Building Moonshot book was released the event “Big Thinking in Blekinge” was held with Blue Science Park and Blekinge Institute of Technology as organisers.

Authors Tamara Carleton and  William R. Cockayne, both researchers and senior lecturers at Product Development Research Lab / Mechanical Engineering, started out with sharing nuggets and insights from the book with the crowd of physical and virtual attendees.

Tamara and Bill presenting Building Moonshot book.

After this a Blekinge innovation panel of Erika Augustinsson (Region Blekinge), Robin Åkerman (Paraply Productions), Andreas Torstensson (Ericsson), Catharina Fechter (Södra) and Stefan Sandberg (Södra Cell) was moderated by Professor Tobias Larsson (BTH/PDRL) into a discussion of moonshots and innovation perspectives with both local and global perspectives.

Blekinge innovation panel discussions.

The audience was invited into the dialogues and segueing the event into a fruitful mingle and conversation of the light snack.

Thanks for joining and making the event a value adding dialogue to the Blekinge innovation system!

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