Cone coupling

Cone coupling

Technological innovation for the agriculture weed control industry

Programme: Mechanical engineering / Industrial economy

Course: MT2554 Value Innovation

Corporate partner: Lyckegård

Challenge: The objective of the project was to analyze the agriculture weed control machine CombCut made by Lyckegård Group AB and find an innovative refinement of the CombCut.

Solution: The solution improves the coupling function of the rotating axises that controls the brushes which removes the cut of weeds from the knives.

Impact: The user friendliness for the farmers improves. It makes transportation between the fields easier.

Prototypes: yes, the coupling uses a female and male connection in the shape of a cone.

Quotes from sponsor/partner:

  • “interesting solution"
  • “Will you continue working with your solution?"

Project team:

  • Kennan Todorovac, Industrial economy, class of 2016.
  • Erik Andraéy, Mechanical engineering, class of 2016.
  • Emelie Broman, Mechanical Engineering, class of 2016.
  • Mathias Petersson, Mechanical engineering, class of 2014.
  • Oscar Hjerm, Industrial economy, class of 2016.
  • Mustafa AL Shuwaili, Mechanical engineering, class of 2013