Stanford ME310 project wraps up with EXPE – Online

ReGlove, a circular solution for recycling and remanufacturing Personal Protective Equipment in the form of single-use gloves made from a special form of Polyvinyl alcohol. The solutions consist of machines that are designed to facilitate the loop from cleaning and sterilizing used material to a remanufacturing plant, where the material, in liquid form, is molded […]

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V-Com presented at Stanford University

V-Com, a precautionary system that communicates safety-critical information between truck drivers and vulnerable road users was presented by six final year MSc students from Blekinge Institute of Technology and Stanford University at this year’s Stanford EXPE – design experience. In their capstone project, ME310, which runs from October to June, they move in a Design Thinking process through phases of needfinding, ideation, prototyping and more to arrive at a final detail designed product to display at the final exhibition, the EXPE.

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Studentprojekt: Samverkande autonoma robotar utvecklade av samarbetande ingenjörsteam

Hur angriper man på ett effektivt sätt en designutmaning där flera olika ingenjörsteam utvecklar och levererar delar av totallösningen? Det har studenterna i årskurs två funderat på under våren när dom jobbat med en mekatronisk utmaning där uppgiften var att konstruera, bygga och programmera en autonom robot. Utmaning i projektkursen MT1538 fokuserade även i år […]

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