Design and construction of an electronic ice hockey target

Design and construction of an electronic ice hockey target

Programme: Exchange students

Course: Thesis project for exchange students

Corporate partner: 10x Labs

Challenge: Accurately detect a full hit from a grazing shot on an electronic ice hockey target and give this feedback in real time to the shooter.

Solution:After the research phase was concluded, two different electronic ice hockey target prototypes were constructed. After testing these prototypes, the best features of each prototype were combined in a final prototype. It consisted of a 3D-printed PLA body, a polycarbonate impactplate, 4 aa-batteries, an accelerometer and an arduino nano.

Impact:The thesis showed it is feasable to design and construct a working electronic ice hockey target. The weak links in our design could be improved upon by using mass production techniques in order to create a market-worthy product.

Prototypes: 3 prototypes were built. The major difference between them were the amount of bolts and springs, the method of connection of these bolts, and the sensor used to detect the impact.  

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Project team: Brecth Jaspaert