BTH PDRL at the DESIGN’22 online conference

BTH PDRL at the DESIGN’22 online conference

The pandemic situation put an effective hold on the physical venue in Dubrovnik where the 17th International DESIGN conference was planned before the summer. Now the biannual DESIGN event organised by the Design Society were forced into an online version instead, for 2nd year in a row. Being a main forum to exchange experiences and lessons learned about engineering design from a variety of perspectives, disciplines, and fields, and from both research and education viewpoints, it was still nice to see the online event happen mid May. Find the research papers freely available at Cambride University Press, and links to specific papers below.

PDRL attended Design 2022 with hosting one workshop, two conference chairs, and five research papers over the 4-day conference, and also getting a Reviewers Favourite award.

Professor Marco Bertoni hosted the workshop “HOW TO ‘INTENTIONALLY DESIGN’ PSS TO FOSTER RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION?” that allowed participants and invited panel (Prof Yong Se Kim, Prof Guiditta Pezotta, Prof Tobias Larsson) to reason and discuss how to design future solutions that also are sustainable.

Bertoni hosting workshop

Then Professor Tobias Larsson chaired the session on “Data-driven methods for early design phases” with five papers in it, and Professor Marco Bertoni hosted the session “Design digitalisation approaches” also woth five research papers in it.

The research papers where the following;

BTH PDRL received one of the Reviewers Favourite awards for the research paper “PSS Value Transformation: From Mass-Manufactured Vehicles to Provision of Mass-Customized Services” by Zhang, Larsson and Larsson.

Reviewers Favourite paper
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