The emergence process of innovation teams

The emergence process of innovation teams


This research aims to gain knowledge regarding the group development process of newly formed innovation teams. In this comparative research, five multi-functional innovation teams based on voluntary members have been studied in an industrial context, all intending to conduct innovation projects after being educated in innovation management. In total 36 respondents have been studied. Qualitative data have repeatedly been collected from observations, interviews, questionnaires, and notes from team meetings in a timeframe of 6 – 18 month. Three of the teams were created in accordance with an explicit and stepwise methodology to create innovation teams, the other two teams were gathered to a sequence of educational seminars. Significant findings were that the teams created in accordance with the innovation-team-creation-methodology didn’t suffer from group dynamic problems, while the other two teams did. Further, the first three teams started innovation projects while the other two teams did not. Further research is suggested.


innovation, innovation management, innovation team, innovation group, group development


Johnsson, M., (2017). The emergence process of innovation teams, ISPIM Innovation Symposium; Manchester, Manchester: The International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) , 2017, p. 1-9


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