Success factors when implementing innovation teams

Abstract This research explores the success factors of the research-based process for creating high-performing innovation teams, called the CIT-process. This paper is part of a study through which problems in the implementation of high-performing innovation teams were identified (Johnsson et al., 2019) when being used by innovation management practitioners (practitioners). The CIT-process is a five-step […]

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Problems when creating innovation teams

Abstract This research explores problems occurring when practitioners use a research-based methodology regarding how to create high-performing innovation teams, namely the CIT-process, which has not been used by practitioners before. The CIT-process is recommended to be used prior to the ideation phase, which otherwise is considered to be the first phase in the innovation process. […]

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The emergence process of innovation teams

ABSTRACT This research aims to gain knowledge regarding the group development process of newly formed innovation teams. In this comparative research, five multi-functional innovation teams based on voluntary members have been studied in an industrial context, all intending to conduct innovation projects after being educated in innovation management. In total 36 respondents have been studied. […]

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