A Study of the Boundary Conditions in the ISO-16630 Hole Expansion Test

Abstract As new and more advanced sheet metal materials are introduced to the market, more accurate techniques for determination of failure limits are needed. One area that needs attention is edge formability, where the ISO-16630 standardized Hole Expansion Test currently is used to express this through the Hole Expansion Ratio. Over the years, this standard […]

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Constitutive modeling of commercial pure titanium sheet based on non-associated flow rule and differential hardening

Abstract The commercial-pure titanium (CP-Ti) sheet has attracted a great interest from biomedical and aerospace industries because of its strong mechanical advantages such as lightweight, high strength, good formability, and corrosion-resistance. However, strong anisotropic features, such as evolutionary yield surface and strength difference in tension and compression, of the CP-Ti require advanced constitutive modeling compared […]

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