Licentiate defense in Mechanical Engineering by Eskil Andreasson

Licentiate defense in Mechanical Engineering by Eskil Andreasson

On May 8th Eskil Andreasson, PhD Candidate, presented and successfully defended his Licentiate thesis in Mechanical Engineering. The title of the work is “Realistic Package Opening Simulations: An Experimental Mechanics and Physics Based Approach”.

Eskil Andreasson licentiate
Eskil Andreasson licentiate

The Holy Grail for any designer is to be able to determine the correctness and efficiency of a design before the system is actually constructed. Modern computer technologies can turn this dream into reality by means of simulation models. In the packaging industry the benefits of using such models is even more evident, because the tiniest gain is eventually multiplied by the billions.

The main goal of Eskil research is to develop a finite element modeling strategy, and related models, to proactively predict the opening compatibility early in the development process of a new opening device and/or a new packaging material.

The research has focused on the development of a combined and integrated physical/virtual test procedure for mechanical characterization and calibration of thin packaging materials. This has required the identification of the governing mechanical properties of the materials involved in the opening performance, through the use of experimental techniques complemented with video recording.

The results presented in the Licentiate dissertation show that it is possible to select constitutive material models in conjunction with continuum material damage models, adequately predicting the mechanical behavior of intended failure in thin laminated packaging materials.

Faculty opponent was Martin Kroon, senior lecturer at the Department of Media Technology and Product Development at Malmö University and associate Professor in Material Mechanics at Royal Institute of Technology.

Find the licentiate thesis here

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