MakerTruck | 2019-

Update 2024! MakerTruck blir nu “Mobilt Science Center” och är under Kreativums flagga. “Kreativum Science Center startar upp ett mobilt science center för att nå ut till fler barn och unga i Blekinge. Med projektet Maker Truck Blekinge kompletteras Kreativum science center-verksamhet med en mobil verksamhet. Under 2024 genomför Kreativum tillsammans med Blekinge Tekniska Högskola ett Makerspace-projekt […]

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10X Labs presentation

Exponential innovation workshop with 10X Labs & Ericsson

PDRL are Fellowship partners in 10X Labs, that aspire to create “a space, a culture & a method for building exponential innovation and solving the world’s most wicked problems”. Together with Ericsson, Volvo CE, Hyper Island, All Binary, BTH took part in an ideation event friday 17th. The event focused on ideation on problems of […]

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Measuring Innovation Capability in Teams – MINT | 2011-

Objectives: Innovation capability is important for industrial companies today in order to be competitive on the market. But the questions are first, how can the current state of innovation capability be known? And second, what need to be undertaken to increase the innovative performance? These were the guiding questions behind this research project being conducted at Volvo Construction […]

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