Designing Value-Robust Product-Service Systems by Incorporating Changeability: A Reference Framework

Abstract When a Product-Service System (PSS) has a longer lifecycle, it is subjected to several internal and external changes along its path that may deteriorate its value. A PSS capable of delivering value despite the circumstances is called a value robust PSS, and one way of achieving value robustness is by incorporating changeability. A lot […]

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A Framework to Address Complexity and Changeability in the Design of Circular Product-Service Systems

Abstract The design of a circular PSS solution goes beyond the traditional perspective of circular product design encompassing multiple complexity dimensions that need to be considered and addressed in the early stages of design. The paper provides a literature-based outlook on the levels of complexity to be faced when making decisions in early PSS design […]

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Modeling ‘ilities’ in early Product-Service Systems design

ABSTRACT Product-Service Systems, like all complex systems, are vulnerable to unpredictable environmental changes that can seriously undermine their ability to continuously deliver value to customers. The long-term consequences of volatile markets, unanticipated technologies, and unpredictable changes in society must be captured, modeled and communicated to decision makers since the earliest stages of the design, so to identify sustainable […]

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