SOFI Back Pack Camera

SOFI Back Pack Camera

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Programme: Civilingenjör Maskinteknik / MSC in Mechanical Engineering, class of 2017

Course: MT2569

Corporate partner: Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE)

Challenge: Identify problems in distance work at Volvo CE and develop a solution that facilitates information sharing within the company.

Solution:Due to the corona pandemic there was no possible way for developers at Volvo CE to make constructions site visits for their need-finding. A live experience at a constructions site through VR was developers to make it possible to walk around on site and observe the environment in live videos. This is possible through a backpack mounted on a person that have contact with the VR visitors through telephone.

Impact:The VR experience makes it easier for developers to make on-site observations without having to go there. This is a solution that saves time and money for the company as travel costs and travel time disappears.

Prototypes: We attached a stand that had the shape of an upside-down L on a backpack. A mount for a 360 camera was 3D-printed which was then applied to the far end of the stand. Recording was then done in a lab environment where several dangerous work situations were performed. Test people then had to watch this video with VR-glasses and also without, just the phone screen. Their task was try to find as many dangerous situations as they could with each tool. This was done to see if you could get the desired information from a VR experience.

Quotes from sponsor/partner: VR glasses were better as it feels like you were there in real life. It was easier to orientate yourself in the environment. Just using the phone to orientate youreself was confusing and they missed more details.
The next step is to implement live videos to the VR-experience. This because of environment of a constructions site changes all the time. And to get out ass relevant data ass possible from online site visits there needs to be live videos.

Project team:

  • Stefan Liedman, MSC in Mechanical Engineering, class of 2017
  • Oscar Johansson, MSC in Mechanical Engineering, class of 2017
  • Filip Svensson, MSC in Mechanical Engineering, class of 2017
  • Isak Lidén, MSC in Mechanical Engineering, class of 2017